What Is The Lightbody?


The Lightbody Is Your Ascension Tool.

It is plasmic in nature, holding your LIGHT templates, pre-DNA codes, nature and source energy, that is all perfectly aligned to you. The more your lightbody activates and has direct contact within you, the wider and deeper your spirit connection. The more unified as a whole you feel and operate. More alive as an energy force. More connected to Source, the Universe and it’s higher dimensional beings. And, more influential within the universal workings and evolution of humanity.

Many humans have minimal, if any, connection to their lightbody. We do not hide the light and power held within your lightbody however, you veil yourself from a lot of it, forgetting it ever existed or is at all possible. This leaves you vulnerable to many less desirable influences and experiences. You term this trauma, we term it energy blockages, slowed down vibration and stagnation, desensitisation, interference, broken and missing keys. This veiling holds back much of your light and its connection to the Earth. It holds back your true nature and most powerful self – your heavenly being.

Open To Your New.

All that you are and are becoming is accessible via your lightbody. By connecting to your lightbody once more, you become a nexus being… a focal point for super-consciousness to experience itself in a higher and more connected format. Right now, that format for the human body is FIFTH DIMENSIONAL (5D).

The lightbody for the third to fourth dimensional human to express from has changed. This means letting go of a lot of the old experiences, teachings and ideas on how things work both spiritually and physically. This means tuning into the new.

More LIGHT is available for your evolution and enlightenment now. Many new and higher light energies, have and are, coming on line across the universe to create the New Earth and upgrade life here. There is now a lot more available within the lightbody for humans to connect to and amplify.

By connecting into this newness, you recall who you are. You remember you came to anchor the LIGHT and its innate intelligence to earth. To upgrade the human body system and collective consciousness of life on your planet. To bring forth the evolution of human form to what we call, Homo-Luminous or Luminous HU.

The age of ILLUMINATION is truly upon you now.

All you need to be is in agreeance that in some time or form you made the call for this to occur. That indeed you knew it would eventually be required by your Self and Source that the universal playground mature, especially in the planes of 4D and down.

You called in the current evolutionary exploration, so as to experience both individually and collectively, each human in their own way, a new way of being. Activating, connecting and integrating more of your lightbody is a part of the process.

Open To Your Lightbody And Receive The Abundance.

The lightbody as a vehicle of energy and consciousness, is a tool for spirit and source to connect to you, and the Light to fulfill your maturity call. It is able to explore things your human mind and limited physicality cannot perceive. It reveals what might be termed ‘new’, yet in fact, is just that part of you which is ready to appear. Are you ready to receive your abundant health and wealth? Your loving self?

Although opening to your lightbody can disrupt your body and brain, and the patterns that have been set up. Igniting your lightbody and connecting your multidimensional capability as a light being in human form, allows for a much stronger and more stable energy field.

You see and feel changes within your physicality, mental processes, emotional responses, molecular structure and more. Your body vibrationally uplifts and transforms. You become far more centered in your own personal power and open to the power source within.

You have a clearer identity of who you are and who you are not. You are less influenced by those energies that seek to dominate, supress, regurgitate and undermine.

Your intuition aligns to Source-mind and your directions and opinions may change to that of your signature from within. Your way of being is more you, as you become more attuned to actioning from your lightbody. From your inner knowing unapologetically.

You feel more secure, regardless of what is taking place, as you switch on your lightbody capabilities to filter the patterns and energies that have held you hostage, stagnating in survival mode. Now you move into thrival mode and switch on new to this body super-powers.

As you become more and more lit up, your body’s molecules speed up moving you beyond thought and into higher and stronger states of form.

You become the fifth dimensional force of life you came here to be, where enlightening and miraculous experiences are your norm.

You break away from the matrix terms, conditions and limitations and open to new ways of connection and action. You break away from the fear and open to streaming love.

Over time, through your openness and dedication to connecting to your lightbody and embodying more and more of what it holds for you. You draw to yourself greater invitations and opportunities of abundance that align you to your path of making this world a better place. Simply by letting your Lightbody flow.

You did the work. And continue to do the work. For you cannot deny the duty you recognise is yours. Your duty to mature and grow. Your duty as a WORKER OF THE LIGHT ON EARTH.

Your LIGHTBODY awaits you. And we support you all the way.

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