What Is Light?

What is Light



Light is something you come into of your own accord when you recognise you are it.

You are light. Light is not what you have been told it is. That is but a third dimensional measurement of this holy energy you are built upon, and building with. You are the flesh and bone of Light. Feel that. Sit in that knowledge. Being Light, Light being.

Take a breath and breathe in the Light.

You don’t just breathe oxygen

For oxygen is but one molecule of Light. One you align to very well. However, you also breathe in other molecules, pheromones/smells, sound frequencies, colours, cycles, spirit consciousness, building blocks of creation, fractals of expression, codes of knowledge, heat of alchemy, and flame of love. This is all light, and you are all this.

You are Illumination of our Eversource. Infinitely creating. Expressing itself. Seeing itself. Knowing itself. Refreshing itself.

Why Do You Feel The Need To Remember You Are Light?

You feel the need to remember you are Light because it is coded in you to do so.

Never far from Source. Never actually separated. When you remember who you truly are you develop even more capacity to breath the Light into this world. Into your reality through your body.

You reflect the Source. You flow the Light. It builds through you. It creates through you.

You stop measuring Light from the outside, from the already made. And instead, be the expression Source knows you to be.

Light is synonymous with Life.

It is the Heart of Truth, seen by the almighty I/Eye of which you are.

And so, you awaken to the remembrance that you are the Light and begin to build life different to before. Your body changes kick in and click on. Your mind changes and broadens. Your heart healths you once more. And you remember the wealth that the Light gives you. Gives us all.

Currently the wealth of Light is pretty slim. Most humans build from a very small spectrum of the whole, focusing on the outside instead of the inside. Falling for what they are told ‘is’, instead of feeling for their own isness.

What do you know?

Get up close and personal to your true Light, your true Heart, your Heart-Light.

Hear its call. Feel its shine. Free its intelligence.

Listen to the within and operate from there.

Let time be your friend as you learn to shine your Heart-Light once more in this world.

As you allow the changes within you to appear.

As you remember YOU ARE LIGHT!

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Remembering You Are Light – A New Age

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