Hi, I'm Megan Catherin

Remembering and Accepting the Infinite Nature of Who I AM

I Am Megan Catherin with Love


A Little About Megan And What She's About

Channeled From Megan’s Spirit Team…..

Megan Catherin was determined to be here for this life!

She was on mission for big things!

And so, as she lay in her mother’s womb with the placenta slowly dying and her body becoming more malnourished by the day, she knew she had to push through. And thus, she was born. A traumatic birth where she was blue in colour with floppy dehydrated skin and barely a heartbeat! But she recovered, because she had a mission to serve!


Fast forward forty odd years to 2012 ...

An important year when the Extreme Lights of Life Source decreased the insidiousness of the soul breakdown and declared the karmic judiciary force and soul family hierarchy no longer a structure upon which life forms. You may have felt it, and like many did not really understand it. You just knew life had shifted up a gear, and perhaps as Megan did, you may have begun your journey towards redemption and resurrection in earnest, what some may call ASCENSION.

For Megan, this meant recognising her many soul parts and experiences and integrating them into the One Soul. This took time. It also meant re-igniting the psychic gifts and energy connections she had shut down as a child. A child who had been interfered with by dark force that permeates this Earth plane, and as such, had blocked all memory and source flow of these abilities. So had her parents, and therefore the memory of these psychic abilities came from inner knowing, with no corroboration outside but her own sense of truth.


Megan has had to overcome great fear.

Fear of darkness, fear of how others unwittingly use their energy, fear of attachment to her and to others, fear of her own dark parts (for we all have the source led opportunity to play mean). Fear of travelling and cleaning up the energetic plane within the fourth dimension, fear of facing hers and others shadows, and fear of expressing her higher energy ability. These became the new integration terrain for 7 years.

All the while having a wow of a time meeting new guides, discovering new gifts, remembering and obtaining information and energy from past lives, meeting higher aspects of self, growing/ascending in her spiritual consciousness and connection, restoring her body and psyche to its’ original blueprint, and so, so much more.


Come 2018 things changed in direction for Megan.

This is when she began to understand herself differently and feel life differently. She no longer cooperated with soul stories and as a result she felt like she was drowning as she let herself go deeper. Yet, we were there for her supporting and guiding.

New perspectives, consciousness, energy and connection began to come through. Her knowledge and capabilities began to expand. A new trust for the universe, source, life and herself began to emerge. She had begun to follow the Mystic Journey, restore her Mystic Expression and create from that innate intelligence. The fool’s journey (often called the hero’s journey) had been completed. Not that she fully understood this for some time.

Megan began to focus on flowing the energies of spiritual nourishment that were now being shown to her. She connected to the intelligence of life in a whole new way. Traveling the path of connecting her full circle of self, deleting her connection to the 3D-4D matrix, allowing her body system to switch on and become the heavenly illumination as a cellular expression called Homo-Luminous. She ignited and she cocooned.

By 2022, with our encouragement,

Megan took herself out into the world physically and online, interacting with both very spiritually aware and not so aware people, to discover what was now available to be channeled through her particular aspect of source and what she could offer to the world.

That path has led her to now, as we head into 2024, another integral year of awakening. Always encouraged to share when and where inspiration leads her for both herself and for others, Megan brings forth source-led knowledge and upgrading processes, energetic healing and light activating, source-coded nourishment energy and the demonstration of how reality changing, creation energy flows through the human when unobstructed. This is all offered to be felt, connected to, and created from, in your own signature self way.


Megan is not here to convince you, prove to you, or to do for you

You take personal responsibility in all your interactions with her and her work. She is here to ignite, remind, support, uplift and demonstrate as a mentor and cutting-edge lightworker, the shifts in enlightenment of humanity as you integrate heaven to earth, renewing and creating new ways of being. What Megan calls 5D Mystic Living.


Hello, Megan Here.....

Phew, some big long sentences in that light-filled channeling. Thank you for reading this far. If you have, then you are definitely a being with a source driven mission to ignite and implement here now.

Having read the above, you have now met the majority of my support-crew from the ONENESS I AM / WE ARE….. the US or U.nified S.pirit as I understand IT (I.nner T.eam). 

I’ve discovered Ascension is all about accepting, assimilating, integrating, appreciating, and amplifying your god-renewed spirit and the source energy through your body. Yep, the humble body plays a bigggg role. It’s all in the perspective.

I share a lot of what I see/know to be the important focuses of what can be seen and what cannot, across the entire fields of self. It’s what my spirit crew show me is my current role as a channel, a healer and a mentor. As well as one who is also ascending like you.

We each have our roles to play as our hearts roll out the NEW EARTH REALITY.

I believe you too have a role in the creation and processes required to ascend yourself, others, and this planet Gaia/Earth.  Please be open and trust yourself as you navigate the resources I offer here for you. Trust your instincts and go where it feels the right place/offering to receive. Leave your human mind out of it and trust yours feels.


Should you feel you need more assistance in your journey please join the MYSTIC MEMBERSHIP COMMUNITY where we dive even deeper together at the cutting edge of ascension. In there you get my full attention, the opportunity to ask any questions and receive the support you are searching for.  When Mystics come together, life smiles.

We are so happy to have you with US on this planet doing the work to shift to 5D Mystic Living.

Here’s cheers to peace and love, Megan Catherin

P.S. My smoothie is cacao-strawberry with a hint of cinnamon, what’s yours?

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