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    Common Qs And As:

    Q. How Can I Work With You In Real Time?

    You can currently work with me and my spirit team in real time in the group gatherings via my online membership platfom. See the Membership Page to find out more.

    Join for free and gather online with me once a month. Join Tier 2 for twice a month or Tier 3 for weekly classes & practice. 

    Q. Are You Open To Collaboration?

    Yes, when it feels resonate.

    Take a look at the Collaborate With Megan page on possible ways to bring our evolution energy together. Let me know what you have in mind and heart. I can’t say it will be a heck yes, but I will most definately consider it and run it past my New Earth spirit team.

    Q. Do You Do Courses?

    I provide coursework in the Digital Downloads shop. Subscribe for my newsletter above and stay up-to-date with anything new.

    You will also find loads of coursework recorded in the Membership platform to do at your own pace. Connect via the Membership Page.


    Q. Do You Do 1-1 Sessions?

    Occassionally I open up my calendar for 1-1 sessions. I’m currently not taking on 1-1 clients and concentrating on my coursework instead. However, send me your request via the contact form above. If spirit deem it so, it will happen. Just be aware I’m not for everyone, my work can be intense. 

    Also subscribe for my newsletter above and be kept-up-to-date on all my resources, events and offerings.