Time With
Megan Catherin
Is A Deep Dive In Enlightenment!

If you are looking to bring out more of your inner knowing for 5D mystic living, please venture forth with me and explore further


From the minute you sign up things begin to happen. You find yourself aligning to the MYSTIC COURSEWORK in such a synchronistic and wonder-filled way.

But of course, you feel drawn to investigate joining because there is something already recorded in there for you, or there is something coming up that you are ready for. Even when you are completely blank on what that is. Yep, your heart knows where and what is coming. It’s your human that still has to come into the experience.

I find I rarely know exactly what is coming up in the coursework direction myself. That is the nature of channeling this lightwork. Some of it I experienced some years before, some only days or hours before and some of it is completely new in the moment! As I channel directly from source and my source engaged team, you get to feel all the power and connection behind it.

Together we create new reality for us.

Feeling these energies, switches on codes across your multidimensional beingness right into the DNA within your molecules. Your lightbody upgrades and you are able to embody more of your completeness as heavenly source. Disengagement and detachment from illusion and the 3D/4D matrix occurs as you operate more and more from your MYSTIC 5D CAPABILITY.

It is these capabilities that you take into the world, uplifting and igniting those around you. You become more and more unapologetically you. Mentally, emotionally, energetically, magically. And, you allow yourself to be the super connected, high vibe,  creational illuminated being you came here to be.

Coming together in the membership and allowing life’s innate intelligence energies to flow through us makes us extremely potent in creating our reality to align to New Earth.

Who knows what mystic powers are possible?

What I do know is that these people are the ones doing the work to find out.

Are you one of those people too?

If you are, then please waste no time in joining my Mystic Coursework Platform.

Stay for a short time or a long time. Reap the benefits and sow it into your life.

We would so love to have you join us on a call real soon.


The more, the merrier we make reality.


Deepen Your Mystic Abilities

Mystic Membership

Gain New Insights & Attain New Heights 

In Your Ascension With Megan Catherin As She Delivers Advanced Mystic Coursework

Membership with Megan Catherin


That’s okay. Watch this past recording of a Tier 3 weekly online class gathering. Feel both the energy and style of my delivery and if this kind of thing is for you. Not everyone on their ENLIGHTENMENT journey is ready or aligned but you will know if you are, even if you aren’t able to articulate it, your heart will know.

Thank you for having me with you on this journey. Since I joined this group to find where I belonged within the spirit world, I have stopped being afraid of who I am and embrace the energies and spirits that come through to help us grow and understand what and where we fit or will fit in this world. Megan thank you for having this group available for anyone who wants and needs it.
Dianne Roberts
Tier 3 Member 12 months
Gee wizz how my physical body n being is rapidly changing, and your mystic membership has been pivotal and super supportive in this. Love living as a modern mystic, sharing and exploring with you and the others!
Natasha Lee Freudenstein
Tier 3 Member 9 months


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